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{Jen & Craig} Like Disney but better! - February 2012

August 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Their Story (in their words) ~

Although Craig and I met while working for Disney, the first words of our love story weren't "Once upon a time".  Instead, they were "You're from Pittsburgh?  That's zombie country" (courtesy of Craig, a huge George Romero fan).  Ever since that day, Craig and I have been discovering common interests (such as Disney, geek culture and all things theme park) and sharing new experiences.  Whether it's zip lining over alligators, trying traditional scones at a Scottish festival, riding our favorite roller coaster for the hundredth time or dancing on the beach under palm trees and tiki torches, we share a zest for life!  

We love the larger than life celebrations at the theme parks, especially during the holidays.  My all-time favorite is the Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios, where all of the building facades surrounding you are covered in millions of Christmas lights.  Craig was able to arrange a special surprise for me - the honor of turning on the lights for the night.  After I flipped the oversized switch, in front of a group of our closest friends (and a few thousand tourists), while the "snow" (soap in the general shape of snow) was falling and the Christmas lights were twinkling, Craig dropped to one knee and proposed.  

It seems like there is rarely a dull moment in our lives, with crazy events always happening to keep us on our toes.  The night before the wedding, at our pre-wedding pizza party, as our families were mingling and becoming fast friends, a manatee showed up in the canal beside their rental property, uninvited but very welcome!  We had our low key beach wedding in the Upper Key of Islamorada, FL on February 24th, 2012 (we picked the date because 2x12=24 - a little math humor).  One of Craig's brothers mentioned that we couldn't have ordered a more perfect tropical paradise as the sun set and a fire dancer performed under the stars.  It was a beautiful day with warm memories to thaw the iciest winter.

When I think about the first five years with my best friend and chivalrous knight, it's exciting to think what's coming up next!  Whatever comes our way, Craig and I are ready to take the ride together!

In my words ~

This wedding will always be special too for many reasons, firstly - it was the first wedding I did that I was not friends with the bride or the groom or know them in a personal way, so in a way it felt like my first "real" wedding from scratch and I was over the moon excited to reach this milestone. Secondly, from the minute I met this family, I felt like I was one of them! They reminded me of my own - crazy and fun.  It made me miss home and the rest of my time with them just felt like a fun night hanging with my own peeps...and probably for that very reason, lastly ~ it was one of the most fun weddings I have ever done. The wedding was intimate and special and so much fun, like a family reunion at Disney Fun...but even better. 

Thank you!

Choosing a photographer can be overwhelming, especially when planning a destination wedding like my husband and I did.   We had to have a lot of trust in the individual we chose since we couldn’t meet until the day before the wedding.  We definitely made the right choice in Fayth!  When we first looked at Fayth’s online portfolio of previous weddings that she had shot, we were amazed by the artistry of the photos.  Fayth has a real talent for using the surroundings to frame the bride and groom in a unique and interesting way.  Her candid shots capture the big emotions and little hidden, private moments of your entire wedding.  Fayth is a great communicator– there is always a way to get ahold of her, via email, phone, text message and Facebook message, which is extremely helpful for a bride that has a lot of questions, like I did.  Fayth is a great collaborator; she is open to your suggestions and comes in with her own creative ideas.  At one point during the reception, Fayth asked to borrow our rings.  When I later looked at the photos, I saw that she had taken photos of our rings on the end of a conch shell.  There were all sorts of little surprise photos and moments that I didn’t even realize Fayth had captured but they were a perfect addition to our wedding memories.  Fayth is not just a photographer, she is an artistic storyteller and her photos capture your real life fairy tale romance.  You will be amazed when you see your wedding story through her lens.

– Jennifer Predmore



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