Fayth Photography | Maryland Branding Photographer

Hi! I'm Fayth Ribeiro, and welcome to a little piece of my world in my business, Fayth Photography. Thirty years ago, I picked up a camera and fell in love, but it was to be a long road leading me to the career I have today. I am now a Corporate Photographer, recently moved, and now residing in the beautiful city of Annapolis, Maryland. Before that, I had moved to Miami 14 years ago to get married and now have three crazy kids - 2 at home and my oldest, all grown up and on her own.

Are you here looking for photography services for your new business venture? Your black-tie awards ceremony? Your community event? Personal branding photography? - well, you’re in good hands, and let me tell you why.

I started by earning a degree in Business Management, majoring in Accounting (yeah - so weird, right?), and now have my MBA from the University of Florida. I served as an Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce, growing our membership 20% a year. Finally, I have run my own business for over 12 years now, cultivating it into what it is today.

I know Business.

The art of photography comes straight from my heart and soul. It's in everything I see and feel. But...as a corporate photographer - I know that you need more than art. You need an artist who is not only proficient at their craft, you need someone reliable and professional.

After spending years in the corporate world, I realized I needed something different. And it was during this journey I realized my calling was to SERVE the business world, but with my art of photography.

I have since then grown and gained experience managing many photography projects. I have ongoing work with clients such as the Miami Heat, the Ocean Reef Club, HSBC Conferences, Prologis, and many more. I'm trusted with working with VIPs, professional athletes, former presidents, government officials, and well-known personalities. I have had repeat business with event planners and conference service managers for many years. I'm so proud of these relationships.

I have forged these strong professional relationships through dedication to delivering compelling work - but also the commitment to an impeccable customer experience from start to finish. Your corporate needs are the priority, and because I understand business, I can deliver on that promise repeatedly.

The biggest accomplishment of my career to date was working as one of the Team Photographers for the Miami Heat for eight seasons. I have done this while continuing to grow my corporate photography business team, continue my photography education, create an organization for women creatives, and continue to love on my family. It's a circus, but it's my circus, and I love it this way. I have found a way to serve a world I love and respect while staying true to myself. Who could ask for more?